Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Wedding With A Tropical twist!

You never really know how much actually goes into a wedding, unless you are part of the planning process. There is so much involved that goes on behind the scene's which you will never know about. After the wedding day, would of cast a tough to the hotel staff cleaning up after your reception, or returning all the gifts to the brides and grooms home? Well up until planning my wedding, or being involved behind the scenes, neither did I! 

My wedding was planned over the course of 12 weeks. However a wedding The Grape Vine Events were recently involved with last month, was put together in a crazy 7 weeks! (photo's pending) Yes that's right, I said 7 weeks. Now I know in the event planning world that anything is possible. So if you are planning a wedding or event so close together, just to let you know, it can be done! 

One of the first weddings I helped out with in Sydney was in around April 2010. The guests list was for around 350 people. To set up the wedding we had to get there early in the morning. A lot of the things that we would need to dress the venue had been delivered the night before and put into a storage room. However some of the staff members had been going in and out of the storage room all night and due to carelessness had broken some of the vases. There was the exact amount of vases in the storage room, and there was no replacements. Luckily, Rosa drove back and pick up some more from home, so crises over! However it did put a huge dint in our set up time. The theme for this wedding was white and coral. This was a beautiful combination, which looked really great with the birds of paradise colours that work well together.

At the entrance, there was this beautiful display of the table greeting guests as they arrived, which really sets the tone for the tropical look of the reception. The baskets are for guests to place money in as gifts for the bride and groom.

The reception room looks absolutely stunning! The white against coral works very well together. It feels as though it is the height of summer, even though it was Autumn and starting to get cold, you would never think so being in this room. 

As you can see the table displays look fantastic! Tall gases wills with clear pebbles, water, a tall palm tree style leaf in the background and 2 birds if flight in front. So simple, yet look how fantastic, not to mention cost effective they are! I think any bride woud be very happy to have these flowers as their  centrepieces. 

I thought you might want to see the club done up in a different way. Its the same club again, but with different decor. It looks completely different, and both brides have completely different taste, but both times, I helped out here, the rooms have been set  up by Rosa and her team beautifully. Here the theme is black and green. Obviously they are not your typical 'wedding colours' but the whole room looked great.

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