Monday, 17 October 2011

A Vintage Theme

Vintage is a beautiful theme for many different types of parties. True it is not everyone’s personal taste, but you cannot open a wedding magazine theme days with seeing pages dedicated to vintage dresses, centerpieces, favours, ect. Any budget can create a stunning wedding. Try using old photo’s of family members weddings in vintage frames, old jewelry boxes, your grandmothers old broaches or jewelry.

You can associate vintage from the era of the roaring 20s with the Art Deco style, right up until World War II, usually with a colour palette of neutral tones, grays, creams and off whites, with lots of lace and pearls. You can carry on the theme right through to the invites, decor, cake, music, and dress attire. 

Using patterned glass trays, or vintage trays like these ones about are great ways of displaying your food at parties. You may have seen glass displays like these all over your grannies house, who would have thought how great they would look in a setting like this?

Vintage floral displays styles have a hand picked look about them. And for an extra vintage twist here, flowers are displyed in glass jars. They look great! It is also a great touch in the tables by having buttons scattered across the table. 

The building below is a great example of Art Deco. I building like this would be a great place to have your party or possibly wedding. Most of these great buildings have their original features which would make for great photo opportunities. This would carry on the theme very well, and couple with the right decorations, would look like an amazing party.

Last year I had the pleasure of working on the set up of a vintage wedding. There was a lot of hard work involved in putting this wedding together, but it has been by far my favourite I event I have worked on! On each table stood tall glass vases, each displaying different flower designs such as different coloured roses with lots of foliage, or large candles in a jar with pearls and candles sitting in the middle. All centerpieces had 2 mirrors underneath them with lots of different shapes handles. Some of the table had handbags, all hand made by Rosa, or jewelry boxes with feathers and pearls in them.
To compliment the theme was white table cloths, gold table runners, and the chairs were covered with satin gold chair covers and white lace tie backs, which made the whole room look like a million dollars!!

Each table had something different about it. No two were the same, which is what the bride wanted. It was a large task. One that I didn’t know how we would have finished it on time.  
The venue is very close to the centre of Sydney in a place called Pyrmont, and from the balcony area you can get a shot of the Harbour Bridge.

We were so tired at the end of the day, and we finished a couple of hours before the guests arrived. Apparently they went back a couple of hours later to light all the candles, and it looked even more spectacular! They waited until the bride got their so they could see the look on her face, and her face was a picture. Which was nice. The only downside to this wedding, I heard the next day, that Rosa and her sister went back the next day to clean up, and collect the vases, handmade bag, ect, but the guests seemed to have helped themselves to well… pretty much everything! They all wanted a momentum of the day. I’m sure this style would be very much in demand in the future. I just hope she got all her bags back!

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