Wednesday, 31 July 2013


After the excitement of getting engaged, couples are eager to sit down and start planning their wedding. Though, it soon dawns on many engaged couples that getting married doesn’t come cheap! With the average wedding in the UK now costing around £17,000, it is little wonder that many couple are opting to elope and tie the knot overseas or put off getting married altogether. Or worse – having to compromise on your dream day, due to lack of available funds.

However with a bit of research, patience and a little creativity, you can still create the perfect wedding day and one you can look back on in many years to come with fond memories.

We have come up with a list of 10 examples of how to make your budget stretch even further. By following these tried and tested money saving tips, you can save yourself a small fortune and still have a spectacular day.


Everyone wants to get married at the height of summer when the weather is warmest. Yet this is also the most popular time of year to get married, therefore the most expensive. Consider getting married out of season (Peak wedding season May to early September) as less couples do this, the costs are also considerably cheaper. Most hotels have a summer and a winter price list and there is quite a big different in price. If you must get married in peak season, think about getting married on a weekday or even a Friday or Sunday. As most brides opt for a Saturday wedding you will find this day will always be the most expensive. Generally hotels and wedding venues are a lot quieter during the winter months (excluding Christmas, New Year, Valentines) so your money will stretch a lot further, potentially saving you thousands. Whereas in the winter, most of the more upmarket hotels more affordable than they were in the summer months. And if you are lucky some will even throw in a few extra’s for you!


Most people want a sit down, 3 course meal at their wedding. But unfortunately this can really push the price up. By having a buffet option, this will work out a lot more cost effective. Many wedding venue’s have caught onto this trend and offer many buffet options ready for couples to choose for their big day. Prices generally start quite low, each costing slightly more, for a simple buffet, with each option slightly more than the last with a few extra's added on, which does become more expensive, the more options you have. Though it would still be cheaper than a sit down meal. There are also hot fork menu's as well wuth are become popular and are still very formal.

However a buffet does have some benefits. Generally, even for fussy eaters, they are bound to find something they like. And for your really hungry guests, they can even go back and get seconds! Also don’t be afraid to ask your venue to serve your wedding cake as your dessert. This will also save you money.


If you are creative and love to make things, then why not make your own decorations? There are many quick and easy decorations you can make, and many venue’s today will let you in to dress the room the night before, so you don't have to worry about this on the day of the wedding, so you can get your beauty sleep!

However, this does depend on how creative you are. You do not want to take on a project that is far too ambitious, where you have over reached yourself, and you find that you have spent time and money on materials only to find what you have made looks doesn’t look anything like how it is supposed to or that you have ran out of time and haven’t made enough.

Though if you are not creative, please avoid making your own decorations and leave it to the professionals. If you are on a tight budget. Be honest with them and ask an event decorator what can they do for you with your budget. Yes we all want to save a few pounds, but it could end up looking like a dog’s dinner, or something a child has made, which is not good enough for your wedding, and cost you more money in the long run.



Who doesn’t like sweets and chocolate? Have you ever been to a wedding where half the buffet food is thrown away at the end of the night? What a waste! Many people eat before they go out and by the time guests arrive at your reception, all they really want is something to pick at, not second and third helpings of the buffet.

A sweet table is a great addition to any wedding. They are fun and really get your guests talking. You can even have your names and date of your wedding printed on the candy bags, which is a nice memento for guests to take home. 

5.     BAND, DJ OR IPOD?  

In reality, if we could afford to do so, many of us would hire a band. Though having a DJ is a good, affordable option. However, if neither option is within your budget, have you thought about loading music onto an iPod? Not only are you able to load on thousands of songs from every genre, but this is a great way to make sure everyone is catered for!  When you send out your invitations, ask your guests to tell you their top 3 songs to get them up and dancing and you can make sure they are loaded on the iPod. You might want to ask one person to look after it throughout the night, so that someone is there to play your first dance song, or to press pause if you want to say a few "thank you’s" later on.’ Then all you need to do is stick it on shuffle and you can dance the night away. Oh and not to mention its free!


There are lots of places nowadays where you can pick up your own DIY wedding invitation kits. This saves you money by buying the printed material, but you assemble them yourselves. Lots of Brides are now having “craft evenings” with their bridesmaid’s family members. However if you’re not too bad on the old computer, have a go at making your own. You can add embellishment later on such as lace and pearls, ect.


We think it is so important to try and squeeze in at least a few days together after the wedding, where it is just the 2 of you. Shop around and see what the last minute deals are a few days or weeks before the wedding. However another great idea would be to ask your guests to contribute. Rather than registering for more stuff you don’t really want such as silver dinnerware, (let’s face it, are you really going to use this?) ask your guests to give something towards the best possible start to your new life together - your honeymoon! Just think, if you have 100 guests attend your wedding, and every guest contributed around £10 - £20, this will give you £500 - £1,000. Not bad, hey? Put this in the form of a light hearted poem in your invitations, to inform your guests. 

8.     THE VENUE  

Avoid city center venues as this will always add on a few thousand pounds, purely due to the location. However, equally getting married in a stunning country manor or castle with rolling hills in the background can be equally as pricy. Look into hotels outside of the city center, as they are not right in the think of it all. Generally their prices are much lower due to the location. Also having your ceremony and reception at the same venue can save you a small fortune, as this means everything is under one roof and you will not need to hire wedding cars, or have to decorate a whole new venue. Also try your local church hall or Masonic hall, especially if they are newly built or renovated as these will save you a fortune.

9.     CAKE  

Many brides want a big show stopping cake with 4 or 5 tiers, a different flavour for each layer, complete with intricate detail and pattern. Yet the bigger and more extravagant the cake, the more expensive they become. It is not uncommon for cakes to go over £1000! However, if you go to a top baker in your area, you have to expect to pay these prices. Try using a cake maker who runs a smaller business. You will usually find, if you do your homework, that they have just as much experience and look and taste just as good and have had many happy clients.
If your budget really is on the small side then a cheeky option is to have a styrofoam cake. This looks exactly like a normal wedding cake, it is covered in icing and your guests will never know the difference. Have some slabs of cake, which the hotel can cut up for your guests, and they will be none the wiser.  

10.     CAR

Do any of your friends have a fancy car that they wouldn’t mind you borrowing for the day? You can now get wedding car ribbon from many craft stores. Once the car has been cleaned and the ribbon tied to the car, you will be surprised by how much this can look like a wedding car.