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For those of you who do not like to throw themed parties, colour themes can work equally as well. Using 2-3 colour's that contrast well together can look just as good. We are going to show you a party we did recently for a sweet 16th birthday partyu in a black, white and pink theme. This also works really well at weddings or female birthday parties. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can also use patterns as well, to really enhance the theme, and give it a sophisticated look. 

We wanted the venue to look sophisticated yet fun as the event was for a sweet 16th birthday party. We had to work to a small budget and an even smaller time scale - around 2 weeks! Our budget we were given was £200.00. We want to show you how you to can make your money stretch further, and create a stunning party that you would be proud of and impress your guests. 

Our budget:

Cake £65.00
Decorations £50.00
Invitations £25.00
Sweets, Cupcakes, Biscuits  £60.00

TOTAL = £200.00


The chevron pattern is really popular at the moment so we used this pattern to create a background for the sweet labels. These are very easy to make: 

- Once you have designed them on your computer, cut them out. 

- Using a hole puncher, punch 2 holes at the top of the label.

- Tie the ribbon around the jars and thread it through the hole front ways, so that the excess thread drapes      
  down at the back of the tag. Make sure you don't put it too short, as it looks very effective draped down   
  the back of the label. 

All the sweet jars were filled with pink, black or white sweets such as humbugs, flumps and shrimps. 

We wanted to use the chevron pattern that is very popular at the moment. For the sweet jars, we made all the labels using the same pattern and text and were then tied around the necks of the jars.

We made a larger sign for the candy bar using the same theme and text.

For a fun twist to the party, we had a bar set up making Mocktails. They are similar to the alcoholic versions, though without the alcohol. During the party, the guests got behind the bar and mixed there own non-alcoholic drinks in a cocktail shaker, which they found to be lots of fun!


The fantastic cake, made by Cake HQ, was created in the parties themed colours, with a ruffled bottom tier, black and diamante ribbon, which looked (and tasted) fantastic!

We saved money on having the birthday girls Step Mum make these delicious cookies and cupcakes, rather than hiring a baker, as the budget wouldn't stretch that far. She got a simple biscuit recipe on line, covered them in icing, then piped around the edges. All the cookies and cupcakes were covered in either white, pink or black icing. We also wrapped the cupcakes with elegant looking swirly designed wrappers in black and   
white, which we picked up from a pound shop, and looked great!


We made our own bunting using some of the same patterns. This was displayed over the buffet table


Around the walls we placed stickers of chandeliers, birdcages, and elegant looking chairs to make the room look sophisticated. As the walls were white, these made a great impact and looked beautiful. These stickers  do not damage the walls and leave no marks, Once you are done with them, after the party, simply throw them away.


We made several pom poms and hung them from the ceilings in the theme colours.
Follow this link to see how they were made:


Much of the food purchased was in pink, black/brown and white/pale colours in keeping with the theme. Just like the cookies, the food was displayed on black, pink or white trays, with patterned paper underneath, which looked very sophisticated.



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  1. I did this (or something pretty similar) at my wedding, and the retro sweets on display were a real talking point. People still mention it now. Luckily I kept some of the traditional sweet jars that we used and I sometimes use them as gifts.


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