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Wedding favours are the small gifts you give to your guests as a small thank you for coming to celebrate your special day, and as something to remember your wedding by. They can come is all different shapes and sizes, theme's and colours. We have put together a wedding favour trends guide for 2013, to help brides with choosing their favours. 

Also. don't forget that they can double up as place cards as well. Printing off 100-200 of these isn't cheap, which could save you money in the long run. 

Prices for favours can also be very cost effective. Here are a few examples. 


The most traditional wedding favour would have to be sugared almonds is a 1980's style netted bag. Although, you do still see some at weddings today, nowadays, they are much more sophisticated and stylish. You might just see the net-style bag is used, like this one (above) filled very yummy macaroons, which can be dyed any colour to match your colour scheme or theme. 


Cake pops can be absolutely any design, colour or theme you like. They are incredibly versatile, fun and won't break the bank. Especially if you know someone who is good at baking. Tie a little tag around them in the style of your wedding theme, and/or wrap them in cellophane like the photo above and they can look quite sophisticated.


Candles are a widely popular wedding favour, though not very original. However these are a twist on the norm, as the one's here in the photo are actually chalk board style candles. Very cute and would look great at a vintage or black and white themed wedding. Plus you can write individual names on them or a personal message to your guest.


There are many themes out there, that you can pick for your wedding. But a beach theme is always quite a popular one. However there are many other themes out there that are commonly used, therefore making favours readily available to buy in bulk, such as butterflies, vintage tea party theme, love birds and birdcage theme, fairy tale or black and white. Whatever your theme I am sure you will find wedding favours to match.


A big trend of the moment. If you are going down the DIY route, then start them early, at least 3-6 months before hand, that way you will know if they look OK, or you might need a rethink. Starting early gives you that flexibility you won't have if you leave it to the last minute.
Also don't be afraid to ask the groom, family members or bridesmaids to help a hand. After all, they will want the day to look as fantastic as you, so I'm sure they will be happy to help.


Baked goods at weddings always go down well. Though this is definitely not a good idea to start learning to bake just before the wedding. Leave it to the experts, or an experienced family member or friend.


This super plant, which can even grow in the harsh heat and dry weather conditions, are actually becoming quite popular wedding favours! We have noticed over the past year or so, with brides becoming more daring with their flower choices in their bouquets, so it was only a matter of time, before they made there way onto our reception dinner tables. They are incredibly cute, and some companies out there are now cottoning on to this current trend and are even offering brides for opportunity to purchase succulents in bulk for favours. 


Eco Friendly is huge this year, as more brides are realizing the importance of going green. Using recycled items, packets of seeds and mini plants are a great way to have a green wedding and show you care about the environment. Plus giving your guests some seeds is a great idea, as every time they see there new plant, they will be reminded of your special day.


Chocolate... we all love it! You can make it personal by having bars name with personalized wrappers, which your guests will love. Or in shapes like the cake shape above, which looks great. Its always a cheap and safe option, and comes in several different flavours. But when was it not OK to give away chocolate as a favour? I don't think you will get any complaints!


We can't forget and the children! More than anything, at a wedding children need to be entertained. Especially for 5 minutes at the reception when everyone is sat down and its speech time. Rather ran your children crying or getting restless half way through, it might be a good idea to give them a goody pack as a favour to keep them quiet! Though sweets and bubbles are always a cost effective and fun option too.

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