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The wedding dress… all us women ever dream about when we were little girls is getting married in a Cinderella style dress, to our prince charming, with a ball gown style dress, covered in jewels, and intricate details, and possibly with the white gloves. However, in reality, not everyone nowadays wants the big ball gown dress, it all depends on your body shape, the style you are after, and what you feel comfortable with. For instance, if you don’t like your tummy you wouldn’t want to choose a dress that is tight around this area would you? So follow my style guide and happy shopping.

Back in October, I attended the Manchester Wedding Show, where I got to see the wedding dress fashions of 2012. Dress shops from all over Manchester from such as The Confetti Box in Eccles, Fairytale Brides of Sale, strutted their latest collects from the likes of Maggie Sottorio, and Alfred Angelo to name but a few. The following images were just some of the gorgeous dresses shown. As you can see there are many different styles to suit all body types, and I am sure you will find a style that suits you best. 
This style suits the hour glass figure, as the dress hugs the body tightly and flairs out at the knee or mid thigh like a trumpet or mermaid’s tails, hence the name, mermaid. This is a great style for those who want to show off their sexy curves, or who have an evenly proportioned figure. Think Marilyn Monroe or Hollywood glamour.
However if your curves are more around your bottom area, have an apple shaped figure, or straight, boyish figure, then it is best to avoid this style otherwise this will draw attention emphasis problem areas.  

The fabric of this style of dress tends to be lightweight and easy to wear. Usually there is a fitted bodice with a long straight skirt. It hugs the body and is very flattering on tall or petite women.
This style doesn’t work so well for women who have fuller hips, as the dress would emphasize this. Also the fabric is quite figure hugging; therefore if you don’t have a slim line figure, this will show off all of your lumps and bumps. 

This is the most popular dress as it suits most body types. The bodice it fitted, and the skirt is shaped like an ‘A’, hence the name ‘A Line’. This is great for those women who want to hide their hips. However if you have narrow hips this will give you some shape.
However it’s best to avoid this style if you have a smaller chest as this dress will emphasize this. This can be fixed though with padding.

There were no Empire Line Dresses on this particular catwalk this year, though if that is the dress you would like to wear on your big day, wear whatever makes you comfortable. This was the style I wore on my big day. The hemline is right under the bust, and floats straight down straight to the floor.
For those looking to hide their hips, take it from experience this is a great dress to wear. It can also make petite brides look taller!
If you have a large chest and want to avoid attention, it is best to avoid this style. 

Otherwise known as the Princess o Ballerina dress. If you want the ultimate wow factor dress, with the big, full skirt, and too look like a princess, then this is the one for you.
This is a great way to balance those figures who are a little un balanced. For instance, if you have a larger chest, but small hips, this dress, just like the A Line, will balance you out.
However it is best to avoid this style if you are smaller chested as it will emphasize this and make them look smaller, have large hips as this will draw attention to them, or are petite as you may get lost in the dress. 


·         Spaghetti Straps – Minimizes large shoulders and shows off pretty necklines. Great to show off well toned arms

·         Strapless – Very in the moment. If you plan on wearing beautiful jewelry this is a great opportunity to show it off. If you are larger in the best, this option may not give you the best support

·         Short Sleeves – Great if you want to cover your shoulders. Great to show off toned arms

·         Long or short sleeves – You can wear these as part of the dress or worn as a jacket. Usually worm to conceal arms, if this is an area you want to avoid, or to draw attention away from your hips

·         Halter neck – Great for well toned arms and shoulders, If you are petite this style will make you look taller. Great support for those with a larger chest. If you have larger hips, this style will emphasize this

·         V Neck – Great if you want to show a little cleavage and for showing off jewelry

·         Bateau – If you have a sexy collarbone, this style will show this off

·         Sweetheart – Very romantic neckline, as it looks like the top of a heart, also great it you are larger chested and want to show off some cleavage

We can’t forget your gorgeous mother of the bride now, can we. The catwalk show certainly didn’t disappoint this year, with some stunning creations. I know it, is your big day, but you want your mum to look amazing and feel gorgeous as well. After all, she deserves a little pampering, and to look amazing in all of your photographs, doesn’t she.  

I have to admit, groom wear doesn’t really excite me so such. It does seem like the norm, that the man must wear a morning suit. This is completely untrue, if your man would like to wear a stylish suit, let him, be different and stand out from the crowd! And if you want to vary the colours a little, such as grey, or brown, navy blue, go for it! Also do not have to wear a white dress. Nowadays you can wear whatever you like!

So just remember this is just a guide. It is yours and your partners big day so wear what makes you feel comfortable. On my big day, I wore a cocktail, empire line dress, where as when I renew my vows next year, I will be wearing a white dress, but which style at the moment… I have no idea. 

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